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Auction Committee

The Danish Warmblood Auction Committee consists of a number of people who are always happy to help if you have any questions regarding an auction.

The auction committee does a great job to select the best foals for the auctions and to create the best framework for a good sale.

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Casper Cassøe Krüth

Selects foal and auctioneer
+45 4029 3208 cc@​varmblod.​dk
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Ulrik Kristensen

Chairman and Mediator Contact Terms of sale and purchase selection Selection of auction order
+ 45 4019 5212 ulrik@​stutterihedegaard.​dk
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Allan Bilgrav Christensen

Selection of foals — Customer contact
+45 2061 2827
Per Christensen

Per Christensen

Selection of foals
+45 4230 8024 Stald.​maskedal@​gmail.​com
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Louise Ringsbo

Marketing — Selection of foals — Customer Contact — Seller Contact
+45 6167 9493 lrb@​varmblod.​dk
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Charlotte Kondrup

Marketing — Jumping
+45 28301237 me_​chako@​hotmail.​com