Bidding by phone contact

As the  auction is approaching we will publish buyer-focussed information here. If you are not already on our mailing list regarding news on the auction lot, please refer to Louise Ringsbo +45 61679493 or

Auction secretariat and contact persons

We recommend that you make use of our auction secretariat and point all questions regarding the auction directly to the auction contact persons.

Outside opening hours please do not hesitate to call Louise +45 6167 9493

Conditions of sales


Bidding by phone

The auction is livestreamed
phone bids must have been arranged in advance, though, and it is done the following way:

  • You must contact the Danish Warmblood secretariat on Tel.: + 45 6167 9493. or directly by mail
  • At the same time the signed and filled-in purchase conditions and affidavit form is forwarded. Remember to write the phone number that you can be reached on during the auction.
  • When the horse that you wish to buy enters the arena you will be contacted by phone by one of the members of the auction committee who will inform you of the bids that may come from the arena or from other phone buyers.
  • If you buy a horse at the auction you will receive an invoice with immediate date of maturity.

Invitation for the VIP 

Should you and your potentail clients be interested in one or more foals from the auction lot we would be happy to hear from you.
tlf. +45 61679493